Running a successful business since 2013.

Edible Oils Suppliers is a Uk registered company with promotors having over 20 years of experience exporting quality Agricultural Products to consumers globally and importing consumer products into West Africa. Edible Oils Suppliers, prides itself in having long-term relationships with both suppliers and buyers.

Why trust in us, we go the extra mile, we are based at source to monitor the quality during the entire supply chain process. All precautions are taken to provide 100% customer satisfaction.

Depth of Knowledge, High Ethical Working Practices, Honesty, Passion and Drive to supply High-Quality Agro Products from the source.

We have a large quantity of oil ready to be exported.
Sunflower Oil, Crude and refined soybeans oil, soybeans, Canalo Oil, corn Oil, Refined Rapeseed Oil,
We have good quality products at competitive prices.


We will always represent ourselves and our products with honesty and integrity. We will always supply the quality we promised for the price that we promised, on time and within the terms agreed. We hold ourselves to this standard because we are prepared to engage the customer in a long-term relationship based on trust and integrity.


We strive to provide value to our customers in a highly competitive business. When dealing with Mawared or any of its affiliates, you will be dealing with an individual who knows and understands your business and is willing to stand behind every product that we sell. We will not hide behind corporate policies or get you lost in phone transfers and voicemail.


Reliability is ensured by two main factors:

  1. Our relationship with production sites, farmers, and our continuous presence to the people.
  2. Multiple geographically disparate sources guarantee that we can source our products from a different markets if needed.

Quality Control

We always strive to be the highest quality product and the best price can be provided to the customer