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Palm Oil


We are manufacturer and producer of the RBD palm oil olein. Our RBD palm oil olein is well refined, well bleached and properly deodorized for human consumption and healthy for human health. We sell at a very low and good price and our oil is properly suitable for cooking and for frying.


Description: RBD Palm Olein is obtained from fractionating refined palm oil to separate liquid parts (olein) from solid parts (stearin). It is a clear yellow liquid at room temperature. It is used as cooking oil as well as frying oil for food industries such as snack food and ready-to-eat-food.


Application: Widely used as salad, cooking, frying cooking oil and much of its popularity is due to its good resistance to oxidation and formation of breakdown products at frying temperature and longer shelf life of finished product.


Packing Size:

1) PET Bottle – 0.25L, 0.50L, 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L
2) HDPE Jerry Can – 1L, 2L, 3L, 5L, 8L, 10L, 16L, 18L, 20L, 25L
3) Big Mouth HDPE Jerry Can – 10L, 16L, 18L
4)Tin Can – 16L, 18L, 20L
5)Steel Drum – 190kgs
6)Plastic Drum – 190kgs
7)Bag In Box – 20L
8)Flexi Tank – 21MT

Quality:CP6, CP8, CP10

Name:  Refined Palm Oil
Physical and Chemical Analysis Values: (The values may vary within standards)
Free Fatty Acid, % m/m Oleic Acid: 0,3 maximum.
Acid Number, mg KOH/g: 0,6 maximum.
Peroxide Value, meq O2/kg: 10,0 maximum.
Iodine Value, WIJS: 103 – 135
Moisture and Volatile Matter, %: 0,2 maximum
Saponification Value, mg KOH/g: 187 – 195
Unsaponifiable Substances, g/kg: 2,8 maximum.
Insoluble Substances in Ether, %: 0,05 maximum.
Refractive Index, at 40oC: 1,465 – 1,468
Grade F.F.A. (max) M & I (max) I.V. SMP Color
CP 10 0.1% max 0.1% max 56 max 24 Deg C 3R 30Y
CP 8 0.1% max 0.1% max 58 max 22 Deg C 3R 30Y
CP 6 0.1% max 0.1% max 60 max 18 Deg C 3R 30Y



Grade: Food Grade
Packing: Plastic bottle
Appearance White to pale yellow solid to semisolid lard-like fat
Flavor and Odr Bland, odorless


Specific gravity @ 25°C USP 0.911-0.918
Iodine value USP 50 – 55
Free fatty acids (as Oleic) USP 0.1% max
Moisture AOCS Ca 2c-25 0.1% max
Color Gardner AOCS Td la-64 3 max
Appearance White to pale yellow solid to semisolid lard-like fat
Flavor and Odr Bland, odorless
C12 & lower 2.5 max
C14:0 0.5 – 5.9 C18:1 34 – 44
C16:0 32 – 47 C18:2 7 – 12
C18:0 2 – 8

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